Happy Memorial Day from Goetzmann Homes


As a homebuilder in Colorado Springs, we know how important the military is to our community and nation.

  • The Gazette recently released a perspective piece that shows just how big an impact the military has on our economy and our future. Today, Colorado Springs’, “five local military installations have an annual local economic impact of $5.7 billion, and include approximately 40,000 uniformed and 13,000 civilian personnel.”
  • Responsible for more than 44% of the local economy, Colorado Springs is an epicenter for the country’s defense including the future of cybersecurity and space command as well.
  • Colorado Springs has been voted the top place for Veterans to live in 2019, and has also been recognized as a Great American Defense Community.  “The Great American Defense Communities program was designed by the Association of Defense Communities in conjunction with the House and Senate Defense Communities Caucuses to recognize and celebrate communities who set the gold standard for creating great places for military families to live and serve.”

Memorial Day is just around the corner and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize how special our community is and how privileged we are to be a part of such a large military presence.

Everyone at Goetzmann Homes would like to share our gratitude for every soldier who has given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country. We also want to recognize our military families and the dedication and sacrifices they make as well. Memorial Day is an important time to recognize where our freedom comes from and the impact our soldiers make for our country at large and to the benefit of our local communities. Make sure to thank the military members in your life and their families for their service. Is there a soldier in your life you would like to recognize? Connect with us on social media and share your story!