Premier Custom Home Builders in Colorado Springs

The following is a general timeline for the building process for Goetzmann Custom Homes, your premier custom home builders in Colorado Springs.

The Building Process

The intention of this page is to assist buyers with the sequence of events when building your Goetzmann Custom Home. While no Goetzmann Custom Home is typical, many of the building stages are similar from one Goetzmann Custom Home to another, so we have a pretty good idea of how long it will take to build your unique Goetzmann Custom Home.

In no way does this represent concrete dates. Typically, our homes take 5-7 months from contract date to close.

Month 1

  1. The signed contract is submitted to Phil Goetzmann
  2. Phil submits the information to our architect and they develop the site plan
  3. The site plan is given to Regional Building for approval
  4. If applicable, the site plan must be approved by the City of Colorado Springs or the Town of Monument, depending on the location of your new home
  5. Once it has been approved, the appropriate permits are pulled
  6. Within a week of the approval from Regional Building the lot will be staked
  7. Contact Kim Blehm (719-338-8008), our Designer, to coordinate your appointments for your Finished Materials Selections


Month 2

  1. 1-2 weeks after the lot is prepared, the footings and foundation are poured
  2. Foundation walls will be sealed and the peripheral drain will be installed before the foundation is back-filled
  3. Framing will begin


Months 3-4

  1. Framing will be completed
  2. Mechanicals begin (Plumbing, heating and electrical)
  3. Once framed, you will be given notice of the dates for your electrical and low-voltage walk-through
    • Contact our lighting coordinator to have her attend the electrical walk-through
    • Select light fixtures


Months 4-6

  1. The insulation is installed and the drywall begins
  2. Interior finishes begin (Painting, cabinets, hardwood, etc.)
  3. Exterior concrete poured